Overseas lectures on the 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Innovation Challenge(AIWIN) Global linkage to create intelligent innovation ecology in Shanghai First stop to Israel
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At 15:00 Beijing time, 10:00 Israel time on 29 April, the 2019 Artificial Intelligence World Innovation Challenge(AIWIN), held an promotion event in Google Startup Campus,

Tel Aviv, Israel, whichis the first overseas lecture after the announcement of the official launch of the the 2019 Artificial Intelligence World Innovation Challenge in Shanghai on April 25. Zhang Ying, Chief engineer of Shanghai Economic and Informatization Commission, Qiu Wei, Director of Information Promotion Department of Shanghai Economic and Informatization Commission, Lu Sen, Deputy Director of Shanghai Economic and Informatization Development Research Center, Uri Eliabayev, founder of Israel's largest machine learning and in-depth learning community, and Tslil Kleiman, head of the Israeli Chamber of Commerce in Tel Aviv,attended the briefing with guests from both sides.

More than 100 Israeli local artificial intelligence enterprises, teams and individuals participated in the promotion activities, actively interacting with the competition organizing committee, to understand the development of Shanghai artificial intelligence industry and market potential.

Zhang Ying, chief engineer of the Shanghai Economic and Informatization Commission, said: "Nowadays, artificial intelligence, as China's national strategy, has become a new direction and a new gateway for domestic Internet and technology enterprises to seek transformation. It has also become an important means for various industries to reduce costs and increase efficiency. It is also conducive to building a modern economic system, optimizing the distribution of key industries, and promoting the deep integration of industrial chains.


In order to organize high-quality and high-standard international events, we must go out and communicate with more overseas teams, work together to promote the global development of the AI industry in an all-round way, and welcome the high-quality projects of the Israeli team to participate in the selection of the SAIL Prize. Israeli enterprises are also welcome to come to China for development."


At the round-table discussion on the theme "opportunities and challenges for Israeli AI enterprises in China", Uri Eliabayev, founder of Israel's largest Machine Learning and in-depth Learning Community, Tslil Kleiman, head of Tel Aviv, Israel Chamber of Commerce, and Lu Sen, Deputy Director of the Shanghai Economic and Information Development Research Center, discussed the opportunities and challenges of Israeli AI enterprises in China.

Overseas Promotion, Linking Global Innovation Forces to Build an International Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem

Facing the global recruitment of high-quality enterprises, with the local artificial intelligence innovation institutions and accelerators to achieve a close link, work together to build an international artificial intelligence ecosystem, issued an invitation from Shanghai. It is reported that after the conclusion of the Israeli propaganda meeting, the Competition Organizing Committee will also leave for France and the United Kingdom to carry out overseas lectures.


It is reported that the competition will be held from May to June, the final will be completed in July, and the road show will be held in August. The winning team will participate in WAIC(World Artificial Intelligence Conference) 's major awards, the SAIL (Super AI Leader),award for excellence in artificial Intelligence. Amazon's exclusive discount cloud bag, and a range of benefits for winners to land in Shanghai. In addition, the winners will attend the awards ceremony and WAICin Shanghai at the end of August and receive booths provided by the WAIC. Their companies and products will also be presented to more than 200,000 delegates from more than 400,000 countries.


The SAIL Award (Super AI Leader) is the "highest standard award" in the field of artificial intelligence, which is awarded every year. Artificial intelligence project that motivates technological breakthroughs, application innovations on a global scale, and is or is about to change life in the future. The SAIL awards set up the (SUPERIOR), (APPLICATIVE), (INNOVATIVE) and (LEADING) awards to form the SAIL of the year.


The World Artificial Intelligence Innovation Challenge (AIWIN) is a national event hosted by the Shanghai Economic and Informatization Committee and the Shanghai Economic and Informatization Development Research Center under the co-ordinated auspices of WAIC(World Artificial Intelligence Conference) Organizing Committee. Morrow Technology operates the entire AIWIN event.


With the slogan of "Enlighten Intelligence and Set Sail for the Future," the competition is positioned at the launch platform of scientific and technological innovation and global products of national artificial intelligence from the perspective of high-end, internationalization, specialization, marketization and intelligence. Through setting up general technology competition and application innovation competition, combining with international well-known competitions horizontally, recruiting global artificial intelligence technology talents and teams, breaking through the key technology bottleneck of artificial intelligence development, excavating the deep application scene of artificial intelligence. In terms of the forward-looking research of artificial intelligence technology, the global release of innovative application products, and the implementation of industrial implementation, the situation of cross-interaction between home and abroad has been formed, and the industrial center for the research and development and application of artificial intelligence has To help Shanghai become the national strategic highland of artificial intelligence.

"Friend Circle", "Test Ground", "Biwutai", come to Shanghai to see the New AI Era
Source: Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai Branch, April 25, 2019