Overseas lectures on the 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Innovation Challenge (AIWIN) Global linkage to create intelligent innovation ecology in Shanghai Stop 3 visitthe University of Cambridge, UK
2019-05-03  FROM: AIWIN Newsletter from overseas

At 21:00 Beijing time, 14:00 France time on May 3, the 2019 World artificial Intelligence Innovation Challenge (AIWIN)held anpromotion event at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom, which is the third overseas promotion of the 2019 AIWIN. Lu Sen, Deputy Director of Shanghai Economic and Informatization Development Research Center; Daniel Zeichner, member of Parliament, Cambridge City Hall, UK; Lewis Herbert, Director of Teaching and Professor, Cambridge Innovation College, UK; Alan Barrell, Christopher Lowe, professor of the Centre for Therapeutic Research of the University of Cambridge, UK, and other guests from China and the UK attended the lecture on the theme "Gateway To China's Artificail Intelligence Market".

British member of Parliament Daniel Zeichner, on behalf of the British Garbin side, warmly welcomed the AIWIN Organizing Committee to Cambridge University.

In his opening speech, Lu Sen said: "the UK has always been at the forefront of the field of scientific and technological innovation, the importance of learning, its high academic status and extensive influence in many fields, and is recognized as one of the top institutions of higher education in the world today. It is hoped that through international competitions such as AIWIN and high-standard awards such as SAIL, friendly exchanges in the field of innovation will be established, and British innovation enterprises will be brought into China to jointly build an international artificial intelligence ecosystem. "

More than 100 British artificial intelligence enterprises, teams and individuals participated in the promotion and actively interacted with the competition organizing committee to understand the current development situation and future market potential of Shanghai artificial intelligence industry.

Christopher Lowe, Professor at the Center for Therapeutic Research at Cambridge University, Liu Qinyu, CEO, Shanghai Morrow artificial Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd., Jeremy Sosabowski, and BGTA CEO Helen Wang, co-founders of AlgoDynamix, participated in the round table discussion on "China-UK accelerated artificial Intelligence sector Cooperation". Christopher Lowe, a professor at the Center for Therapeutic Research at the University of Cambridge, UK, introduced the current situation and trend of artificial intelligence: "according to the Stanford Global AI report, China's AI catch-up speed is amazing, the United States and the United Kingdom AI comprehensive strength is the strongest, but the global AI development speed is still uneven. In 2017, the second largest number of AI papers were in China (25%), with Europe (28%) and the United States (17%), respectively. " During the discussion, he was asked, "What support can China provide to British companies?" "there are many opportunities in China," said Liu Qinyu, CEO of Shanghai MorrowArtificial Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. "China is committed to creating a complete ecosystem platform for artificial intelligence, full-service artificial intelligence enterprises online and offline toprovide artificial intelligence start-up team including competitions, AI space (incubator), applicativ scenarios, industry training database, upstream and downstream industry resources, expert technology, investment and financing, mentoring, legal adviser consultation, Professional services such as talent training, government policy interpretation and project declaration, In order to help artificial intelligence enterprises break through the development and welcome outstanding enterprises from all over the world to develop in Shanghai, Morrow Technology will help them realize their landing plan and solve the bottleneck problem of coming to China. "

Daniel Zeichner, member of Parliament of the United Kingdom, said in his concluding remarks: "Cooperation with China is very important to the all people of the world. We are considering how Cambridge and even the whole UK can co-operate with China. China-UK cooperation is very important for Cambridge. It is also important to the UK. Artificial intelligence has brought us a lot of opportunities, especially in medical care and urban governance. At present, Chinese companies such as Huawei, Tsinghua University, China Minerals and Tencent have invested in Cambridge and hope that we will actively look forward to more cooperation in the future. "

Overseas Promotion, Linking Global Innovation Forces to Build an International Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem

It is reported that the competition will be held from May to June, the final will be completed in July, and the road show will be held in August. The winning team will participate in WAIC(World Artificial Intelligence Conference) 's major awards, the SAIL (Super AI Leader),award for excellence in artificial Intelligence. Amazon's exclusive discount cloud bag, and a range of benefits for winners to land in Shanghai. In addition, the winners will attend the awards ceremony and WAIC in Shanghai at the end of August and receive booths provided by the WAIC. Their companies and products will also be presented to more than 200,000 delegates from more than 400,000 countries.



The SAIL Award (Super AI Leader) is the "highest standard award" in the field of artificial intelligence, which is awarded every year. Artificial intelligence project that motivates technological breakthroughs, application innovations on a global scale, and is or is about to change life in the future. The SAIL awards set up the (SUPERIOR), (APPLICATIVE), (INNOVATIVE) and (LEADING) awards to form the SAIL of the year.



The World Artificial Intelligence Innovation Challenge (AIWIN) is a national event hosted by the Shanghai Economic and Informatization Committee and the Shanghai Economic and Informatization Development Research Center under the co-ordinated auspices of WAIC(World Artificial Intelligence Conference) Organizing Committee. Morrow Technology operates the entire AIWIN event.


With the slogan of "Enlighten Intelligence and Set Sail for the Future," the competition is positioned at the launch platform of scientific and technological innovation and global products of national artificial intelligence from the perspective of high-end, internationalization, specialization, marketization and intelligence. Through setting up general technology competition and application innovation competition, combining with international well-known competitions horizontally, recruiting global artificial intelligence technology talents and teams, breaking through the key technology bottleneck of artificial intelligence development, excavating the deep application scene of artificial intelligence. In terms of the forward-looking research of artificial intelligence technology, the global release of innovative application products, and the implementation of industrial implementation, the situation of cross-interaction between home and abroad has been formed, and the industrial center for the research and development and application of artificial intelligence has To help Shanghai become the national strategic highland of artificial intelligence.

Overseas lectures on the 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Innovation Challenge (AIWIN) Global linkage to create intelligent innovation ecology in Shanghai Stop 2 visit STATION F,Paris, France
At 16:00 Beijing time, 10:00 France time on 2 May,the 2019 Artificial Intelligence World Innovation Challenge (AIWIN)