"Friend Circle", "Test Ground", "Biwutai", come to Shanghai to see the New AI Era
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Source: Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai Branch, April 25, 2019

Xinhua News Agency client Shanghai Channel, April 25 (Reporter Zhou Lin)

Artificial Intelligence Development Alliance launched the establishment of a closer " Friend Circle", the World artificial Intelligence Innovation Competition launched to create a more high-end "BiwuTai"; The first batch of artificial intelligence pilot application scenarios in Shanghai have been released to improve the more open "Test ground". On the 25th, Shanghai AI field "Three arrows together", in the creation of artificial intelligence innovation ecology entered a new stage.

Build AI Development Alliance and let "Friend Circle" build Group Development

In order to further gather global artificial intelligence talents, break through key core technologies, advance the demonstration and application of artificial intelligence, and accelerate the construction of the high ground of national artificial intelligence development, on the 25th, 22 enterprises jointly initiated the establishment of the Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Development Alliance in Shanghai.

As the main sponsor of the alliance, Wu Jianxiong, chairman of INESA Group, revealed that the alliance will take serving Shanghai as the overall goal of building an artificial intelligence plateau, and building a collaborative platform for politics, production, learning, research, investment and use of resources as the main task. Taking the development of artificial intelligence professional service and communication at home and abroad as the main starting point, we should promote the organic coordination of artificial intelligence technology, industry and application in Shanghai, and actively create a comprehensive ecological environment conducive to the development of artificial intelligence.


This "AI group", which is composed of 22 enterprises, is diverse in the field: INESA Group, SAIC Group, Shanghai Electric and other major industry enterprises, as well as Pudong Development Bank, Guotai Junan, Pacific Insurance and other financial institutions. There are Baidu, Tencent, iFLYTEK, Shang Tang Technology and other emerging enterprises, including Microsoft Asian Research Institute (Shanghai) and other research institutions.


Zhang Ying, chief engineer of the Shanghai Economic and Information Commission, said that the development of AI can not be separated from the coordination and collective efforts of all sectors of society. Through all kinds of cooperation platforms built by the alliance, it is hoped that it can provide strong support for the development and expansion of "Friend Circle" in Shanghai's artificial intelligence. Shanghai will also welcome all parties to join the innovation ecosystem with a more open attitude. Work together to help Shanghai build AI Heights.


It is understood that the future alliance will take the Council as the core body and set up a number of professional committees in sub-industry areas, focusing on the three main themes of "empowerment, innovation and cooperation". To carry out related work in industrial promotion, application enablement, talent gathering, think tank research, resource sharing, brand co-building, and so on, to jointly improve the influence and voice of Shanghai and even China in the global artificial intelligence industry. We will strive to turn the alliance into a platform for the integration and cooperation of artificial intelligence at home and abroad.


Open "Test Ground" for AI "Killer application" through application scenario

Large platform-level companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon and BAT will surely emerge in the AI world, but where AI "killer" apps appear, it is still a long way to go. To this end, Shanghai took the lead in releasing the implementation plan for the construction of artificial intelligence application scenarios in December last year, adopting the mechanism of "revealing the leadership", attracting more than 170 AI solutions in 10 major areas and 19 specific points in the world.


On the 25th, the first batch of "on the list" application scenarios were officially announced, including AI+ schools, hospitals, communities, parks, transportation, government affairs, finance and other directions of the 12 specific scenes selected. These scenarios, based on their own actual bottlenecks, pain point problems, distinctive characteristics put forward the needs, actively docking AI enterprises, to create the whole scene, immersive construction program.


These explorations and practices will make better use of AI to empower the construction of new intelligent cities in Shanghai in the future, and provide valuable leading experience for meeting the aspirations of citizens for a better life and strengthening the level of urban management and social governance. In the next step, 12 scenarios will take one year as the construction cycle to carry out the construction work. During this period, close to 2019 WAIC(World Artificial Intelligence Conference), Smart City experience week and other major activities, at that time will show the phased results of scene construction at home and abroad.


With innovative applications to stimulate the head goose effect, to build a new intelligent Shanghai benchmark. The application scene is the best "Test Ground" for AI iteration. Shanghai will further promote the use of new AI technology, new products and new models in Shanghai, and create a new situation of the application of a hundred flowers in all fields of intelligent cities. By promoting the construction of application scenarios, stimulating the power of AI technological innovation, promoting AI to accelerate the transformation into real productive forces, the development of new kinetic energy, and promote the healthy and rapid development of the industry.


As the host of the release, Zhao Liang, deputy director of Yangpu District of Shanghai, said that Yang Pu is building a "venture capital alliance" for national artificial intelligence enterprises by building a collaborative innovation alliance, creating a pluralistic innovation ecology of artificial intelligence, and building a "venture capital alliance" for national artificial intelligence enterprises. With the model of "fund + base", the mainstream investment institutions in the market should pay more attention to the artificial intelligence industry sprouting technology direction, build the artificial intelligence industrial base, and promote the industry and capital to produce the cluster effect.


Build "Biwutai" and look for the protagonist of AI "the next decade"

As an important activity in the development of ecological construction of artificial intelligence in Shanghai, the 2019 World artificial Intelligence Innovation Competition (AIWIN) and the Outstanding artificial Intelligence Award SAIL (Super AI Leader) selection activities have also been launched at the same time.


According to reports, the World artificial Intelligence Innovation Competition (AIWIN) was first created during WAIC(World Artificial Intelligence Conference) last year, with more than 500 teams from more than a dozen countries participating in the competition. This year's competition continues the high-standard, professional, international, and market-oriented concept of organizing the competition, focusing on the four major themes of medical care, finance, transportation, and industry, and sets up two special technical challenges for self-driving and robotics. As well as covering four themes of the comprehensive scene application competition, and the linkage of top industry enterprises, well-known universities, international innovation institutions and other related activities to focus on AI talent training talent growth camp, focusing on AI enterprise development enterprise acceleration camp and other supporting activities.


Through running the competition, Shanghai will explore the formation of a long-term artificial intelligence innovation ecosystem, and rely on the brand effect of the competition, further gather the resources of enterprises and experts, and strengthen the professional, high-end and international influence of the competition. Gradually explore the formation of "government guidance, enterprise operation, academic interaction" pattern, to create a new intelligent Shanghai ecology.


Lu Sen, deputy director of the Shanghai Center for Economic and Information Development Research, said that this year's competition will further strengthen the "international model" and carry out in-depth docking with overseas incubators and innovation parks. It is hoped that the AI elite around the world can recommend projects to Shanghai. Jointly store and plan for AI's "next decade"


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